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We focus on outcomes, over incomes.

Multi-award winning software that will reduce incidents and improve your operations by making emergency response teams more accountable and better prepared. These are tangible human outcomes.
The [D4H] Technologies HQ is based in a lighthouse and former light-keepers training college in Howth - Dublin, Ireland.

Decisions [D4H]™ is a response team management tool that helps record and analyze response incidents, members, equipment, and training. [D4H]™ automates and replaces the need for generic time consuming spreadsheet and word processing software, with a collaborative tool built with the end user in mind.

"We prioritize connections, over transactions. We encourage networking, co-creation, and collaboration."

Decisions [D4H]™ is a true success story, rising from arguably the worst recession to hit Ireland; we are now exporting to 9 countries around the world. Our focus on delivering a product made for emergency responders by responders has seen us grow from strength to strength.

Minister for Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation, Richard Bruton and Frank Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Ireland with Company Founder Robin Blandford, announcing the Irish Government investment into [D4H] Technologies.

Starting every day with the question "How can I push the human race forward today?" and always remaining true to our roots - [D4H] has grown to an enterprise class operation with customers among some of the largest and most respected organization in the world. We currently help track and manage over 20,000 responders across hundreds of response teams globally.

"Our aim for creativity, over productivity. We create new value rather than shifting around the old."

From the very beginning we have strived to incorporate user input into every new feature we create and work hard everyday to insure our customers feel part of our success as they have been the driving force behind our product growth. The end user is always our major focus, when it comes to usability our mantra is "If we have to write a manual, we've gotten too complicated" and we stay true to this with every new feature we launch.

Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore and Managing Director of Diageo Ireland present D4H Director Robin Blandford with €100,000 Arthur Guinness Fund Award for further research into emergency response analytics.

We are driven by smart growth - resulting in more creativity, innovation, power, effectiveness, and the delivery of tangible human outcomes to you. Our founders and staff have a background in emergency response, active in Search and Rescue (SAR), Hazardous Material Response (HAZMAT), Special Fire Operations, Fixed-wing Search & Rescue, Maritime Response, and Prevention Campaign Management. Our roots are from within the very field we are supporting.

We invest in people, over products. We always give real responsibility.

* Ideals inspired by Umair Haque - Smart Growth Manifesto, 30th January 2009.

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