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Service Level Agreement

D4H Technologies are committed to technical excellence for ourselves and for you as a customer and user of our products & services. This document sets out our standard 'Service Level Agreement' (SLA) that outlines the level and quality of service we expect to deliver, and in turn that we commit to you.

Service Availability

Our goal is to provide 24x7 system availability. We have an excellent track record in this field of 99.98% uptime and have confidence that this will remain so. Scheduled outages are historically rare and short in duration, users are notified more than 24 hours in advance through a pop-up dialog window using an internal messaging system.

In the event of a serious incident, our disaster recovery plan will be implemented, and Decisions [D4H] accounts will be operational with full functionality within the shortest time possible.

A 24-hour third-party monitoring service automatically alerts on the cell-phones of our engineers to any irregular behavior or outages within our infrastructure.

Our third-party service provider guarantees network availability 100% of the time excluding scheduled maintenance. Critical infrastructure systems, including power and HVAC, will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.

Data Integrity

Database storage is RAID-10 protected for superior performance and redundancy. Realtime database replication is operational across a private network interface to a geographically redundant data-centre. Snapshots of the database are taken and archived every 60 minutes in this redundant location. Complete application server hard disk images are taken every 24 hours and stored on 3 separate nodes.

All files uploaded to our Documents facility are instantly written to three storage disks, all on separate nodes or locations that have dual power supplies.

Response Targets and Escalation

Support tickets filed to will receive immediate acknowledgement and a case number. Our aim is a respond as fast as possible to urgent or service impacting requests.

Where possible a 'workaround' solution will be provided if extensive engineering work is required, allowing you to continue to use the rest of the solution with the fault being managed in the background.

We have identified categories of faults and issues that dictate our response. If issues are encountered with Decisions [D4H] products, we will address reported issues according to the following priority levels:

Community Support: Enhancements, Feature Requests, Ideas, and General Questions

Channels: Public Web Based

Priorities: Low

Communications of this kind should be directed to our Community Support Forum which provides a searchable bank of frequently asked questions. Posting new questions here allows both the user community and our support staff to respond in public. Ideas and enhancements may be posted for community review, allowing each account holder to upvote their choice for our engineering team to focus on. Enhancement requests will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Level 1 Support: Administration, Finance, How-To Questions

Channels: Private Web Based, Phone, Email

Priority: Low, Normal

Communications for which you require privacy, are time sensitive, or have a query which requires a 1-1 answer about your account. Questions might include queries on specific functionality, requests for how-to guides, or requests that require an immediate response.

Level 2 Support: Moderate impact bugs and fixes

Channels: Private Web Based, Phone, Email

Priorities: Low, Normal, High

Reproducible errors causing malfunction of certain functions will be escalated to an Engineer. Includes intermittent access difficulties and performance issues. You will be able to use the overall solution with the issue still outstanding. A workaround will be provided for you within 5 business days of notification and resolution within 60 days.

Level 3 Support: Severe Impact and Service Disruption

Channels: Private Web Based, Phone, Email, Web Conference

Priorities: Urgent

Reproducible errors which result in a lack of overall utilization, system failure, or a major function or module is not working. A workaround will be provided within 24 hours of notification and complete resolution is expected within 5 business days.

Data Ownership

We claim no intellectual property rights over the data or information you upload or store in our service and act solely as a Data Processor. Your organization remains as the Data Controller and should take into consideration the Data Protection requirements of your jurisdiction.

As per our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as published in the public domain on our website, we undertake to take all commercially reasonable precautions to maintain privacy on your data and will not release it to persons not previously authorized by you. In the event that you specify that your data is to be transferred elsewhere, this will be done in an appropriate timescale at a pre-agreed cost.

Billing Quality

We will deliver accurate statements of activity and charges as your billing period dictates. If there is a billing error brought to our attention, we will provide you a corrected statement within 3 business days of being notified of the error and refund or charge for any differences.


Enterprise-level customers may request in confidence to see a rolling 6-month view of our product roadmap and an opportunity to provide input and feedback on our development plans.

Software updates, fixes, and enhancements are released regularly based on Community Support suggestions. Once tested in our staging environment, these updates are deployed into production with no loss of service. Users are notified through a 'Product News' module on their dashboards linking to further information and tutorials.

Definitions & Criteria

System Available is defined as the Decisions [D4H] system being accessible over the network via web protocols, up to and including our server connections to the internet. Network problems beyond that point, such as ISP problems, Internet backbone problems or customer network/hardware problems are not our responsibility, although we will cooperate as necessary with any service providers needing assistance from us. Development and secondary training areas made available to customers for use & evaluation are not covered by this agreement. Problems caused by software running on customers computers, or customer hardware issues, or customer cellular network issues, are excluded from this agreement

System Downtime is defined as time during a given month in which the D4H system was not available, excluding scheduled system maintenance times, system outages caused by force majeure, acts of God, war, civil unrest, acts of government and any other circumstances beyond D4H Technologies Ltd.'s reasonable control.

Service Availability is the percentage during a given month in which the system was available and is computed as follows: 100 x Number of hours contained in a given month - System Downtime Hours.

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