Hpy 20th Bday SMS, Luv [D4H].

While I’m ‘sre mny wld’ argue that txt has single handedly destroyed the english language, it has certainly brought about some amazing change; for example voting on TV shows, tracking packages, and telling you when a plane has landed. The applications and businesses that have built up around SMS is astonishing and is a far cry from its intended purpose as an internal paging system for Vodafone employees. LOL.

Soz for that LOL. Now, where were we? Well when building [D4H] it was essential to have a messaging service as part of our core product. We have layered our own services on top of SMS to make it more intelligent for Emergency Response Teams with features such as: 

  • Bulk-SMS paging and alerting with dynamic sending groups such as ‘On-Call Now’
  • Allowing an Inbound SMS Inbox to collect team responses to alerts
  • And our most popular SMS feature. Inbound intelligent SMS Commands, Allowing you to send your team commands from the field.

Here's a quick video overview...

If you are interested in learning more about Decisions [D4H] SMS feature and many more of our Award-Winning features you can download an information pack .

Marc Healy
Head of International Business Development & Marketing at [D4H]

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