Announcing: Incident History of Persons Involved

If you work in a commercial or industrial setting, the persons involved in your incidents are probably contained to the same group of people be they employees, site contractors, or clients. Rather than just referencing a name, you're now able to select the same person involved as a victim, witness, suspect, or calling party across multiple incidents to build up a history of the incidents they were involved in.

"What was the incident our contractor Peter Smith was involved in last month?"

"How many times has Jane Johnson pressed STOP button and set off our alarm?"

"Did Paula Deane ever get injured while on-site?"

These are the questions lots of you have to answer. Previously you needed to look up the incident by date, now you can find the incident by the person involved.

From today we're announcing the ability to switch-on 'Repeat Persons Involved' allowing you to select the same person involved on multiple incidents. This is designed for teams who are tracking incidents involving the same group of persons involved such as employees, contractors, or clients.

Your incident might be at a petrochemical facility, in a care home, or on a factory floor - you'll now be able to select the person involved from an auto-complete drop-down of names of previously entered persons. If one doesn't exist, just type to create it new. Persons might be victims, witnesses, suspects, or the calling party who reported the incident.

If you've previously added contact details or information such as date of birth about this person we'll quickly auto-fill all the fields for you saving you time.

You'll find a new menu option to locate the persons involved browser where you can search or browse by individual person involved by name.

The Persons Involved browser has a search function, and alphabetic listing. We've also smart lists on the left that will allow you filter by the role they played in their involvement. 

Clicking on a person will bring up their incident involvement history. You can query this data by tag (type of incident) or by date range to look at how they were involved throughout the year.

Click into an incident to see the specific involvement, demographics, injuries, and a snapshot of the contact details you had at the time of the incident.

As is usual, we'd love feedback in the comments below - we'll respond to everybody. To switch on, as the account owner, go to [Team Settings] -> [Persons Involved] -> [Repeat Persons]. This feature is off by default, and we're still building some advanced features such as merge and unlink tools.

The browser, search, and involvement listings are only visible to Member+, but the anonymous person involved reports are visible to all members - with the secure data redacted (see padlocks in screenshot above) for those without the correct viewing permissions.

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