Getting the most from [D4H] - Sync Your Team Calendar To Your Phone

Getting the most from your Decisions [D4H] account means knowing every part and how to use it to it's maximum advantage for your response team. In this post the [D4H] crew look at the 'Response Team' calendar and how to use the iCal feed to share it to your iPhone calendar. We also have included quick instructions on how to add the iCal feed to Outlook and Google.

Here is the video for how to add the iCal feed to your iPhone. 

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Instructions

  • From Tools menu select Account Settings
  • Click on the Internet Calendars tab
  • Click the New button
  • Type or paste one of the calendar URLs above then click Add

  • In the Subscription Options dialog box, you can optionally rename the calendar.  Make sure the box is checked in the Update Limit section.

Google Calendar Instructions

  • To subscribe to an iCalendar feed using Google Calendar:

  • In the left column, click on the Add link in the Other Calendars section.
  • From the menu select Add by URL.
  • Enter the feed URL in the dialog box then click Add Calendar.

Source  for Outlook and Google.

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