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Decisions [D4H] Tool for Teaching Emergency Management Principles

Decisions [D4H] is widely used by emergency management professionals. We are now extending [D4H] to lecturers in universities/colleges who lecture in Emergency Management or a similar subject. For free. Here we are going to show you 4 ways in which you can use [D4H] to assist in the teaching the  principles of emergency management to your class. 

Determining actions required from repair categorizations. 

We are all aware that equipment gets damaged and requires repair. Knowing if equipment is getting damaged due to natural deterioration, incorrect operation or being used as intended can infer many aspects that need to be reviewed. Using a pre-entered equipment cache, you can set an assignment for the students to categorize the reasons for repairs and then infer remedies such as retraining, new purchases to replace old equipment etc.

Simulating real life operational limitations to determine legality.

Employee's and tasking vehicles all have limitations in law on the amount of weight they can carry (with the exception of military personnel - but not vehicles). Knowing the weight restrictions of vehicles including it's contents is an important yet overlooked aspect of emergency management. Using a predefined equipment cache and information on local laws, the lecturer can task the students with determining if all the organizations vehicles are carrying below the maximum weight per vehicle. 

Financial grant forecasting.

Being able to generate reports based on grants is essential for emergency management professionals. Using a cache of equipment you can ask your students to generate reports on what previous funding was made available, and for what equipment,  so when further grants come up the student can make cases for new funds based on the status of the current stock of equipment. 

Qualification requirement planning.

You can simulate a scenario where persons have various qualification expiration dates and the organization has different requirements as well as persons who are required to have certain qualifications. These rules can be the basis of a task for students to plan future courses in order to meet operational readiness requirements. 

Those four tasks are just the tip of the iceberg in what you can do with [D4H]. Contact us to find out more. 

Improving Emergency Response - Thats why we created Decisions [D4H]

Written by Adam Scott - EMT & SAR Responder. 

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