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Release Notes: Equipment Dashboard and More

We've made some updates to the product over the holidays, that includes a new dashboard in Equipment and tweaking of the equipment section.

We've added a new equipment dashboard over the holidays to improve your experience dramatically. Categories now have their own page, and the alerts for expired, to monitor, due inspections, etc. are more prominent. One of our goals for 2014, is to be clearer about exactly what changes every time we release a new version - so here's a start.

Release Notes:

  • Addition of Equipment Dashboard and separate Categories List pages.
  • Page tours for Equipment Dashboard and Equipment Categories pages.
  • Addition of a hierarchical Supplier Reference Number within Suppliers for tracking parts.
  • Ability to edit the name of an existing Equipment Model.
  • Ability to customize the labels for Operational and Unserviceable status levels in Equipment.
  • Ability for customer success to have complete modular control over every component and menu item.
  • Removal of 'Extras' menu and introduction of 'Help' menu item.
  • Ability for customer success to switch off the Dashboard and customize the landing page.
  • Prevented Adding Provider in Communications if Communications Module is disabled.
  • Customer Success has ability to disable self-service module changes.
  • Page tours now with '?' icon instead of sequential number in bubble allowing the same tour to be used for multiple permission levels.
  • Dashboard content boxes handle long text better with ellipses overflows and no word-wrap.
  • Equipment module icons converted to typed 'Glyphicons' to improve load speeds and quality.
  • Glyphicons used for the menu header for Manage Access, Settings, and Search.
  • Bug Fix: Lost/Retired items were being counted under No Location on the Equipment Locations.

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