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Hazmat Incident Reporting Software

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Hazardous Materials


Hazardous Material or 'Hazmat' teams are highly specialized and deal with extremely dangerous materials and situations in restricted and confined space. These incidents require a specialized operations team to deal with suspicious and potentially dangerous materials with the potential to be explosive, corrosive, oxidizing, biohazardous, pathogenic, toxic or even radioactive. Due to the specialist nature, these incidents are often undertaken as a mutual aid and often in conjunction with a private company or transportation provider.


The variety of potential chemicals makes it extraordinarily difficult to always be prepared for the unexpected, making training and qualification tracking very important and equally as difficult an exercise. Knowing what experience and exposure to chemicals involved based on past data is crucial information which can be hard gather from paper or spreadsheet reporting.

Hazmat response teams have one of the largest and most expensive caches of equipment, with huge demands on monitor calibrations, breathing apparatus checks, detection devices. Coordinating this is a time intensive task when administered by spreadsheet or custom database solutions.

Case Studies & Success Stories

Western Wayne County

Western Wayne County - [D4H] centralizes hazardous material response at 11th busiest airport in US.

Spartanburg Regional HERT

Spartanburg Regional HERT - [D4H] revolutionized how we conducted our business and provided a solid collaborative communication platform.

Oil Sands Emergency Response Team

Oil Sands Emergency Response Team - [D4H] is key to upstream operation incident tracking in Canada.

CKR Global

CKR Global - [D4H] gives over 50% saving on administrative costs of scheduling and tracking of staff & equipment.

Related Industries


Public Safety - Save More Lives. Safer Responders. Lower Costs.


Transportation - Improve Service. Target Prevention. Safer Travellers.


Oil & Gas - Increased Production. Precision Prevention. Safer Workers.


Chemical Production - Safer Workplaces. Reduced Downtime. Less Injuries.

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Our Solutions

  • Manage equipment by location, value, container weights and expiry tracking and allows you to create supply-level reports.
  • Multi-user incident reporting, available anywhere using any internet connected device. Allows incidents to be logged quickly creating a formatted and consistent report.
  • Analytics tools, offer management the ability to get useful feedback from incident reports. Built- in global mapping, satellite imagery, and GIS coordinate systems visualize the clustering of incidents over time.
  • Managed team members Qualifications and Archive training exercise attendance records and time tracking.
  • Complete member profiles with contact lists, emergency details, profile photos, and supporting documentation.
  • File storage archives provide storage for decades of incident records including scene photos, evidence, maps and sketches.

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