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Oil & Gas Incident Response Software

Increased Production. Precision Prevention. Safer Workers.
Oil & Gas


Oil and Gas Emergency Responders work in some of the toughest conditions imaginable. The incidents that can occur under these conditions require a highly trained and well informed team to deal with scenarios such as casualties or leaks of dangerous materials with the potential to be explosive, corrosive or toxic.


A skilled team responding to Oil and Gas emergencies needs a software solution that supports their efforts and will go as far as they do.Today there is a growing demand to increase accountability in all aspects of business and your Emergency Response Teams are no different.

Each team needs a method for tracking their training, incident reports and equipment in order to prove compliance with all the necessary safety requirements. Advanced analytics and reporting can quickly identify patterns & trends in failed processes, equipment, training, personnel, and leadership.

Case Studies & Success Stories

Oil Sands Emergency Response Team

Oil Sands Emergency Response Team - [D4H] is key to upstream operation incident tracking in Canada.

CKR Global

CKR Global - [D4H] gives over 50% saving on administrative costs of scheduling and tracking of staff & equipment.

Western Wayne County

Western Wayne County - [D4H] centralizes hazardous material response at 11th busiest airport in US.

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Industrial Safety - Reduced Downtime. Precision Prevention. Safer Workers.


Hazardous Materials - Safer Equipment. Accurate Logs. Engaged Responders.

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Our Solutions

  • A software solution that has been proven to make a substantial difference across multiple disciplines, numerous countries, and in the toughest operating conditions.
  • A system that allows your teams to create fast, formatted, consistent incident reports.
  • The ability to perform in-depth analysis on incident reports, reducing downtime and increasing responder knowledge.
  • A method for collecting and mapping incident frequency, hot-spots, and clusters using GIS.
  • A tool that allows you to manage training levels, so your teams meet all compliance requirements.
  • Cloud-based - Access from any device, any time, anywhere. Included maintenance & support.

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