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All Search & Rescue (SAR) personnel are professionally trained and qualified people, while many are career Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Pilots, and Medics - many also volunteer their time. Due to the nature of the industry there are multiple disciplines in order to deal with whatever situation or disaster might arise. At a moments notice, SAR responders may have to work with Helicopters, Fixed Wing, Swift Water Rescue (SRT), Urban Search & Rescue (USAR), Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Cliff Rescue, Technical Rescue, Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, Missing Persons, 4x4 Rescue, and Maritime Rescue.


The variety of call outs makes it extraordinarily difficult to always be prepared for the unexpected, making training and qualification tracking a very important and equally difficult exercise. Teams often struggle with getting the right people on scene due to team size, area covered, outdated call-out methods and the large variety of training levels within a team. There is large amount of administrative time spent on keeping equipment up to date and available when needed.

SAR is a discipline with a lot of equipment and vehicles used for rescue - helicopters, 4x4's, trucks, vans, incident command posts, fixed wing aircraft, hovercrafts, lifeboats, jetskis, mountain bikes, ATV's, and other multi-terrain vehicles. All of this, needs tracking, reporting, and de-risking.

In Search & Rescue the responders always at risk from the environment. Members are issued large quantities of personal protection equipment (PPE), and with all specialist teams, there is often a high-turnover of membership with administration burdens of equipment check-ins and check-outs.

Case Studies & Success Stories

CHC Helicopters

CHC Helicopters - [D4H] optimized rescue data in $650m bid for Search & Rescue Helicopter services.

Bay Search & Rescue

Bay Search & Rescue - [D4H] provided detailed incident analysis during the Cumbrian floods.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary - [D4H] orchestrates more complex evolutions with greater ease in US.

Red Deer Search & Rescue

Red Deer Search & Rescue - [D4H] avoided spending thousands of dollars on this venture.

Pacific North West Search & Rescue

Pacific North West Search & Rescue - [D4H] has become embedded in our team culture.

Surrey Search & Rescue

Surrey Search & Rescue - [D4H] provides accurate and rapid dissemination of information for callouts.

Technical Search & Rescue

Technical Search & Rescue - [D4H] provided the statistics needed to receive grants in Alberta.

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Our Solutions

  • Multi-user incident reporting, available anywhere using any internet connected device. Allows incidents to be logged quickly creating a formatted and consistent report.
  • Analytics tools, offer your incident management team the ability to get useful feedback from incident reports,such as common time, day, frequency of incident across your transport network.
  • Built-in global mapping, satellite imagery, and GIS coordinate systems visualize the clustering of incidents over time. Allows you to track common incident black spots across your network.
  • File storage archives provide storage for decades of incident records including scene photos, evidence, maps and sketches.

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