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Team Management Assistance Fund (TMAF)

Funding opportunity announcement.

Funding Source - (Company) Decisions [D4H] / D4H Technologies Ltd.

Funding Opportunity Title - Team Management Assistance Fund (TMAF)

Funding Dates - Starting 2013 provided over a 3 year period.

Funding Application Completion Deadline - 28th February 2013

Anticipated Award Date - 1st July 2013

Executive Summary

Funding available through Decisions [D4H] starting 2013. $15,000 Funding (per successful team/organization) has been made available to support the efforts of Response Organizations in the United States and Canada to improve the efficiency and management of their team. Funding is given through the provision of a 3 year subscription to the Decisions [D4H] Response Team software package with inclusive support. There is no cash alternative.

Purpose of Funding

Management of Equipment, Training, Incident Reporting, Qualification, on-call monitoring etc. are common issues amongst many response teams. The purpose of the TMAF grant is to provide teams with a system to manage themselves better and become more efficient responders.

[D4H] through this fund are committed to help towards the following goals:

  • Increase response team impact and advance preparedness
  • Reduce awardee burden and enhance service provided to states and localities
  • Improve response team efficiencies
  • Promote innovation, through continuous statistical performance feedback
  • Improve the return on investment in team equipment and infrastructure

Eligibility Information

Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity are limited to response teams that are not currently customers of Decisions [D4H]. Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity include State, County, Regional career Response Teams.

Required Registrations

Registering your organization through is the first step in submitting an application online before Funding Application Completion Deadline - 28th February 2013 by 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time

Review and Selection Process

Applications will be initially reviewed for completeness by the [D4H] staff. Following the initial application checks applicant will be chosen on the following criteria:

  • Clearly defined need
  • Proof of grasp of product design and technology
  • Proof of grasp of product features and purpose
  • Clearly stated fit for product with features matching management needs


Decisions [D4H] retains the right to identify and announce the awardee through common media channels. After a period (To be decided by the [D4H] grant administrator) of using your Decisions [D4H] Response Team account, the creation of a case study which outlines your teams experience with the software is a strict requirement.

The software is for use with a single response team, Decisions [D4H] retains the right to outline the parameters of what defines a response team. However we can implement solutions that aid collaborative efforts between teams upon request.

Sub-awardee Contracts Plan, Awardees who require collaboration with external teams and organizations to perform the remit may submit a subawardee list including subawardee Name, Tasking Remit, Contact details and should describe the full scope of the working collaboration within the awardees' jurisdiction.

Awardees must define their jurisdictions and the structure in their states as a whole including a high-level description of preparedness partners such as emergency management, law enforcement, behavioral health, and faith-based organizations for example.

Awardees must complete our Decisions [D4H] 'Success Plan' which is designed to aid the awardees in a implementing [D4H] as a part of the awardees team management protocol and creating a strong understanding for the features of our response team management software.

Awardees have adequately stated their planned activities to prioritize, build and sustain a team account with in the Decisions [D4H] software.

Awardees' intention for the software and work plans are clearly and adequately linked to the purpose of our software.

Applicants must be a publicly funded response team and not solely contracted to a business or corporation.

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