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[D4H] Response Organization Software

Connect multiple teams together to form organization-wide live statistics.

Product Flow

[D4H]™ Organization allows multiple Response Teams to connect together to form a single organization. This gives centralized paperless electronic reporting, top-down configuration, and complete control across the organization.

Associations, organizations and private companies often find it difficult to manage their individual teams operating at geographically diverse sites. You can now communicate, compile reports, and compare statistics across multiple teams in real-time as data is added. Quickly identify and react to imbalances, ensure proper compliance to inspections & maintenance of equipment and much more.

Hierarchical Structure and Divisions

While your top-level officers will see all data, you may organize your teams into Divisions. Your divisional officers will only see the data from their teams rather than the entire organization. Individual teams will only see their own information and may not access data from other teams. The organization may define all the qualifications, tags, resources, and other reporting guidelines for all the teams within it.

While an association may only use [D4H]™ for anonymous reporting and statistics solely, public-sector entities may require access to responders personal data, and a private commercial organizations may require access to all individual team information.

Old vs New


The [D4H]™ Organization software will produce annual and monthly reports at the click of a button without the need for spreadsheets, duplicate versions, calculations, the cost of labour, and all while eliminating human error. We produce over 50 different type of charts and maps on things like incident time of day, location, distance traveled to incident, cluster mapping, and other distributions. Your current paperwork can be used as reporting templates mirroring the same format when printed.

Customer Success & Rollout

We understand most large organizations move slowly, and experienced [D4H]™ Crew will work with you to configure the account to suit your requirements, privacy, and standards.

We don't just do 'Support', we do 'Success'. You'll have direct access to Decisions [D4H] Customer Success Team who are available via phone, email, web portal and through our searchable knowledge base. With regular how-to videos, engineer access, and train-the-trainer courses, our success team have held a continuous 100% user satisfaction rating compared to the software industry average below 85%.

Our product design team have their roots in very industry we serve. The software has been built in a particularly intuitive manner, by responders, for responders; proven through the generation of 50% less support requests than industry average for similar functionality and usage. We'd prefer to redesign a feature to make it more intuitive than write a manual for it.

Square Peg, Square Hole.


Industrial Safety - Reduced Downtime. Precision Prevention. Safer Workers.


Government - Safer Citizens. Reduced Costs. Less Emergencies.


Oil & Gas - Increased Production. Precision Prevention. Safer Workers.


Hazardous Materials - Safer Equipment. Accurate Logs. Engaged Responders.


Security - Safer Property. Reduced Incidents. Proactive Staff.


Public Safety - Save More Lives. Safer Responders. Lower Costs.


Manufacturing - Safer Workplaces. Reduced Downtime. Less Injuries.


Chemical Production - Safer Workplaces. Reduced Downtime. Less Injuries.


Search & Rescue - Targeted Training. Easy Statistics. Engaged Responders.

Case Studies & Success Stories

Oil Sands Emergency Response Team

Oil Sands Emergency Response Team - [D4H] is key to upstream operation incident tracking in Canada.

Western Wayne County

Western Wayne County - [D4H] centralizes hazardous material response at 11th busiest airport in US.

CHC Helicopters

CHC Helicopters - [D4H] optimized rescue data in $650m bid for Search & Rescue Helicopter services.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary - [D4H] orchestrates more complex evolutions with greater ease in US.

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