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[D4H] Response Team Software

Our flagship product for standalone units with training, collaboration, equipment, personnel, and incident reporting included.

Product Flow

[D4H]™ Response Team is the total solution to your team's Asset, Personnel, Reporting and Analytical needs. [D4H]™ Response Team ties together all our organization solutions to create a package that can manage all aspects of your team.

To increase speed and effectiveness, there needs to be good human resource management. The implications for a team that don't keep up to date with training and qualifications are serious and can be devastating from injury to loss of life. Through [D4H]™ team leaders can update their members qualifications records to produce live counts of the current valid or expired certificates.

Breakthrough Product

Used by Emergency Response Teams around the world, this software package takes away the risk of error, the manual communication and the unrealistic outdated approach to team management, resulting in major operational improvements to your team.

Team members will receive weekly briefing updates by email, be able to print monthly or annual reports regarding incidents, members activities and exercises. Each individual member will be able to mark themselves on/off-call by logging into the system at any computer, hand held device or simply by sending an SMS from their phone to a private number. It enables teams to be more prepared, preventing error.

Standardized Reporting

A standardized reporting method, allows for automated analytical reporting of your data. Organizations require increased speed and effectiveness, with prediction and prevention to work to their best ability. [D4H]™ offers your organization all the statistics it needs to perform training exercises tailored to your teams most common weaknesses or difficulties, optimizing your organization for whatever is thrown at them.

The amount of equipment and supplies spread across buildings and vehicles can be easily tracked along with the number of hours a piece of equipment has been used in incidents, training and events. So your equipment manager can no where a piece of equipment is and how long it has left before expiry.

Automated Administration

Units will be automatically alerted by email before the expiration date of the members qualifications, allowing them to schedule refresher courses in advance. The system provides instant infrastructure for the delivery of a competency based training syllabus. Each member may log in to the system to track and record their progress on the syllabus. Full reporting is available to show progression on a per-unit and organization-wide level.

Keeping record of equipment and inspections can be difficult and is very time consuming. With this system, email and dashboard warnings will be sent when items are set to expire and all equipment inspection history will be tracked with pro-active prompting, minimizing the chance of any incidents with equipment.

Successful Outcome

Units can analyze their data to understand where they can improve their responses. All aspects of an incident can be measured to allow units to benchmark their response times, discover trends and identify Incident hotspots. Organization performance reports can be generated at the click of a button and all reports can be exported into standard spreadsheet formats. Regardless of your reporting requirements we can help.

[D4H]™ Response Team will improve your team's overall performance - that may be to make the public safer, make your colleagues safer, save more lives, or to simply respond faster, better, stronger to corporate, industrial, or public safety incidents. We want to work with your team to ensure you operate to maximum capability.

Square Peg, Square Hole.


Public Safety - Save More Lives. Safer Responders. Lower Costs.


Industrial Safety - Reduced Downtime. Precision Prevention. Safer Workers.


Hazardous Materials - Safer Equipment. Accurate Logs. Engaged Responders.


Search & Rescue - Targeted Training. Easy Statistics. Engaged Responders.


Oil & Gas - Increased Production. Precision Prevention. Safer Workers.


Manufacturing - Safer Workplaces. Reduced Downtime. Less Injuries.


Chemical Production - Safer Workplaces. Reduced Downtime. Less Injuries.

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